brainwaves was commissioned by the Bavarian Ministry of the Interior to take over and manage the complete digital and analogue conception and implementation of the communication for the "double engaged" campaign.

The Bavarian Minister of the Interior, Joachim Herrmann, personally gave the kick-off for the Bavaria-wide promotional campaign for reconciling work and honorary office.

From October 31 this year, the campaign will through print, online and social media, with twelve subjects, the awareness that voluntary commitment is worthwhile in addition to the profession for employers and employees alike.

Minister of the Interior Herrmann is convinced: "Anyone who volunteers, for example, with the fire brigades, relief organizations or with the THW, shows that it has many good qualities and is thus a profit for every company." According to Herrmann, employers profit enormously from those earned in the honorary office Qualities such as flexibility, teamwork and reliability.

More than 450,000 men and women in Bavaria are volunteering for fire-defense, voluntary aid organizations and the THW. The Free State of Bavaria can thus highest honor rate in Germany. Herrmann: "To the use of the honorary official also for the future, we want to use our campaign as much as possible address many citizens and encourage them to join the fire brigades and Organizations. According to Herrmann, it is also possible for companies and crafts companies in individual cases more difficult to cushion the sudden failure of a volunteer.

It but they clearly outweighed the advantages for Herrmann - on both sides: "Employees their life experience and their expert knowledge gained in the honorary office can also be optimally integrated into Occupation and training.

Conversely, however, companies which are voluntary commitment, as attractive employers for the double-engaged Employees and applicants. Against the background of the professional deficit a clear Advantage, "says Herrmann.

On the extra-designed campaign site find workers, the
are interested in an honorary office, contact points at the Bavarian fire brigades,
Aid organizations and THW.

Even those who are already "double-engaged" can participate: Volunteers can send a photo of themselves and their employer, which then in a Gallery at

On the customer side, Evelin Lux (Director of Communication and Citizens Dialogue), Tobias Klahr (Campaign Manager "Doppelt engagiert", Communication and Citizen Dialogue), Herbert Binder, Julia Dacher, Oliver Oelkers, Christine Winkler, Cornelia May and Martin Laukmanis. Martin Bolle was responsible for the shooting.

The Munich advertising firm has gained another international client via a screening process in the form of Trend Micro. The European subsidiary of Trend Micro with its registered seat in Germany is an international company and leader in the supply of IT-Security.

The agency has therefore been charged, with revising the complete digital and analog communication conception for Germany, Austria and Swiss. The main goal is to display the modern, complex and multi-layered IT-surroundings and to create conceptual translations of divers subject areas, as well as the service- and product-portfolio of Trend Micro.

One of the first realized projects is the campaign Deep Security. Deep Security arrange for deep going security of physical, virtual, cloud-based and hybrid infrastructures. . The complexity of contents was represented with deep see visuals. Every selected image stands for multiple attributes of Deep Security. It was crucial to showcase the multi-layered quality of the product. Moreover, every product component came with the offer of free Webinars.

brainwaves conceptual way of communication discloses surprising analogies and connections between deep sea environments and IT. It is focused on supporting and loading a known, rather abstract subject by using emotional visuals.

Furthermore brainwaves provide Trend Micro with advice and assistance in all Questions surrounding conception, design, overall project management as well as, in programming of campaign-websites and their Marketo-implementation.

Responsible for the realization on client side are Herr Rademacher, Herr Pelka, Frau Loche and Frau Hahn and on side of the Agency, Herbert Binder, Julia Dacher, Christine Winkler, Teresa Kraft and Martin Laukmanis.

The advertising agency brainwaves received another project budget from the BAYER AG Leverkusen by taking part in a screening- and pitch-process.

The Munich advertiser planed, developed and designed the global publishing project „wallcalendar 2016“ for the Corporate Branding department. BAYERs corporate mission „Science For A Better Life“ was effectively emphasized and the company attitude and values were appropriately visualised and described.

The conception was based on the life-trilogy and presented through expressive Image parings of science and general life. brainwaves conceptual design line reveals surprising analogies and daily connections between science and life and portrays them in detail. It is focused on displaying evolution, visualisation and operations of molecules in cellular structures of living organisms – to reveal the fascination in plants, humans and animals.

Responsible for the realization on client side are amongst others Uwe Schmidt, Head Corporate Branding and Ulrich Fischer, Corporate Brand, Communications & Government Relations and on side of the Agency, Robert Szabo, Susanne Kayser, Christine Winkler, Sonja Salomon, Corinna Moritz and Herbert Binder.

The creative agency brainwaves has received the Deauville Green Award in two categories for the spot “Saving electricity rocks”, which had been developed for the Bavarian energy agency ENERGIE INNOVATIV at the Bavarian Ministry of Economic Affairs, Infrastructure, Transport and Technology.

In the section “PUBLIC AWARENESS CAMPAIGNS” the Munich agency won gold in the category “CLIMATE CHANGE & SOCIETY“.

Moreover, brainwaves was named GRAND PRIX WINNER and was honored with the “GRAND PRIX FOR THE BEST PUBLIC AWARENESS CAMPAIN” for its emotional and humorous campaign.

Deauville Green Awards is an international festival of corporate films, documentaries, advertising films and television programs, which focuses on sustainable development, environmental care and ecology.

The campaign was broadcasted across Bavaria via mass media, using target-group-oriented media channels, including cinemas, TV, radio, print, large posters, single advertiser poster space, ambient advertising, info screens, OOH channels, event tours, online, social media, PR and media relations, etc. and was thus multiplied by the media and opinion leaders.

“The topic is made visible to the wider public in a way that is both amusing and positive, and it increases the awareness for sustainability. The campaign shows again our creativity, competence and know-how in the sector of institutional communication“,says Herbert Binder, brainwaves managing partner.

The spot was producecd by The Wolff Brothers and directed by Andreas Grassl for the Munich agency.

The Munich agency brainwaves, which has already been operating for the CSU since the mid 90s, remains loyal to its client.

The newest common project is the communicative and visual structuring of the CSU party convention on December 12 and 13 in Nuremberg. Thereby the brainwaves-team is able to continue strengthening its partnership with the party.

For the CSU the chief executive Dr. Hans Michael Strepp and especially Wilhelm Graf, head of the press and communications section, and his deputy Florian Kopp are responsible for the project; for brainwaves the creative potentials Susanne Kayser, Lea Balogh, Sonja Salomon and Corinna Moritz as well as the customer advisors Robert Szabo und Ines Schulz ensure its successful implementation.

Besides the CSU the agency brainwaves, which was founded in 1995 by Herbert Binder as managing and personally liable sole shareholder, works for example for the Federal Employment Agency (BA), Energie innovativ, REMA TIP TOP, Volvo Trucks, Sparkasse, UPM Kymmene, EOM and Kapuzinerbräu.

In 2013 brainwaves was again honoured by its clients with the quality seal "customer satisfaction excellent". Moreover brainwaves hast the longest evaluation history and the most evaluations and thereby came first again among more than 600 agencies. Many thanks to the whole team! As well as to our customers, who appreciate our reliability and exactitude! The challenge of maintaining and further expanding this reputation is our driving force and objective for the future.

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At the End of last year the Federal Employment Agency (in German: Bundesagentur für Arbeit (BA) ) in Nuremberg placed a new tender for its employee magazine „Dialog“ (in English: “Dialogue”). The objective of the scheduled change, among other things, was to renew the existing design of the publication and in particular to make it look more modern an more like a real magazine. During the tender processes the Munich creative agency brainwaves was able to convince the client by quality and price awareness and could stand out from the competition in this way.

The „Dialog“ is printed up to six times a year and with a circulation of 65.000 copies. It is distributed to all employees and is available additionally as an interactive PDF in the intranet of the Federal Employment Agency and as a barrier-free audio version for the visually impaired.

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The Munich creative agency has received the international silver-award for the publishing-project of the Archdiocese of Munich-Freising among more than 36 participating nations. Among other things, the World Media Festival honors outstanding corporate-print solutions. The award winner belong worldwide to the best of their branches.

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With Lea Spindler the Munich agency gets some more support for its creation-team. Ms. Spindler has successfully completed her training as a state-registered graphic designer at the "Bernd-Blindow"-school in Friedrichshafen in 2013.

Innovative spirit and modern mindset plays an important role for the IFS Informationstechnik GmbH, and this should also be mirrored in its communication. The agency has therefore been charged with developing and implementing a new TYPO3-based “Modern-UI”- Website.

As a special highlight the new website is responsive in design: No matter which mobile devices or which format, the new IFS Website adapts perfectly to the existing conditions and is always user-fiendly and clearly structured.

• Convince yourself at

The Faculty for Electrical Engineering and Information Engineering at the Technische Universität München (Munich university of applied sciences) has tasked brainwaves with a gender-equal redesign of its public appearance.

In the context of an excellence initiative, the faculty’s Internet presence is to be redesigned in such a way that women and men feel equally drawn to study and/or work in the subjects offered. A particular focus of the appeal to the target audience is on qualified women with a background in the natural sciences and/or engineering sciences.

The Munich agency was selected due to its great experience in the design of professional presences for organisations and companies as well as its know-how in the area of target group and gender marketing.

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Munich agency brainwaves received the BoB Award in the challenging “Integrated Communications Campaign” category for its multilevel integrated online and offline “Save big” campaign for Volvo Trucks Central Europe.

The prize in bronze was awarded by the Kommunikationsverband e.V. in Frankfurt – under the patronage of Ms Petra Roth, mayor of Frankfurt am Main.

The jury’s opinion stated that the campaign demonstrates how conception, creativity, professionalism, quality, business drive and sustainability can be applied for creative communication with efficient results.

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After a multistage pitch and selection process, Munich advertising agency brainwaves was chosen by the Bavarian State Ministry for Education to carry out a relaunch of Lehrerinfo magazine. In doing so, brainwaves thoroughly revised its previous appearance, adapted the magazine to the reading habits and perception parameters of the core target group and defined the magazine title using the “LI Wissenswert” logo. Brainwaves’ conceptual work is a visible expression of a further development in terms of content as well as an invitation to all teachers to read, discuss and begin a dialogue.

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With the slogan “Alkohol? Weniger is besser!” (Alcohol? Less is better!), the Munich agency is staging the Alcohol Week campaign for Deutsche Hauptstelle für Suchtfragen (DHS) e.V., the German Central Office for Addiction Issues, with celebrity testimonials from Carlo Thränhardt (three-time world-record holder in the high jump) and Alexandra Popp (German national footballer).

The campaign is primarily being implemented in public areas (infoscreens, billboards) and is being supported by partners such as Deutsche Rentenversicherung, BARMER GEK and the Federal Government’s Commissioner for Drug Issues and in cooperation with the ministries of health and health organisations (Landeszentrale) of the various German states and regional networks for addiction support and prevention.

Alcohol is ubiquitous in Germany. Its consumption seems to be part of every aspect of life – at parties, weddings and birthdays, at primary school fetes and the first day at a new job, at Christmas parties and after concluding a deal. “No particular occasion” is the favourite occasion of all. Everywhere you look, trivialised intoxicants and addiction-causing substances are being ascribed properties which don’t hold up under even the most basic examination: alcohol is supposed to alleviate sadness and stress, banish tiredness and help those with problems to fall asleep more easily, create a pleasant and sociable atmosphere around the table, close up gaps in peoples’ lives and allow them to properly celebrate a win by the local football club. Whatever the situation, alcohol is supposed to make it better and to “help”.
As a result, around 9.5 million people consume alcohol in a risky manner, and 1.3 million of them are dependent on it. One out of five men and almost one out of six women drink too much. We are ranked fifth worldwide in alcohol consumption. Consumption is excessive and too risky – especially in adults and not in fact only in the adolescents whose excessive drinking is so often bemoaned. It is adults who present poor role models and adults who create alcohol advertising – to the tune of around one billion euros per year. It is also adults who make their money from the sale of alcohol and who thereby breach youth protection laws. Alcohol is everybody’s business.
Convincing adults and adolescents to engage in more moderate alcohol consumption is the primary goal of the 2012 “Alcohol? Less is better!” week from 21 to 29 May 2012. The name speaks for itself, and is also a reference to the clear and incisive WHO motto. Everyone who drinks alcohol – that is to say 90 per cent of the population – should be encouraged to assess their drinking behaviour and check whether their consumption of beer, wine and spirits is compatible with a healthy lifestyle. What rules should we follow with alcohol, and how much is actually too much? For some this might mean enjoying a day without alcohol or switching to water after a single glass of wine. For others this might mean seeking out advice and support.

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The Munich ad agency received recognition for its campaigns for REMA TIP TOP Automotive, ISF, exopure and the Archdiocese of Munich-Freising at the renowned Jahrbuch der Werbung 2012 creative awards. brainwaves also received the highest distinctions in the investment goods sector. This was the 11th event in a row at which brainwaves won accolades.

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Munich creative agency brainwaves has recently acquired IFS Informationstechnik GmbH as a client. Innovation and inventiveness are the lifeblood of the Munich-based technology company, and this is to be mirrored in its company communication. The agency has therefore been charged, in the context of its full-service approach, with revising the existing website according to up-to-date communications standards and conceiving and creating various target-group- and topic-orientated publications, trade fair appearances and an image film for IFS Informationstechnik GmbH. One focus is on the broader dissemination of the ePlanet® innovation highlight, with which regular home mains sockets can be converted to charging stations, thereby solving one of the primary problems facing the proliferation of electric mobility.

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The Bavarian State Ministry of the Environment and Public Health has charged brainwaves with developing and implementing the “Sonne(n) mit Verstand” (Sun (bathing) with awareness) campaign. The primary goal of the campaign is to remind children and adolescents in particular to be responsible in their exposure to sun and sunbeds in order to prevent the later occurrence of serious skin damage or even fatal skin cancer.

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The nationally and internationally recognised “Schluss mit dem Unsinn” (Enough with this rubbish) campaign by Munich agency brainwaves, developed for the Bavarian State Ministry for Labour and Social Affairs, Family and Women – together with the European Commission – has received a further international prize. The campaign received the “Gold Camera Award” and 1st place at the US International Film & Video Festival.

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The Munich advertising firm has gained another international client in the form of YAMAICHI ELECTRONICS Deutschland GmbH.

The European subsidiary of the global company, with 50 years of experience in the electromechanical components industry, has tasked brainwaves with revising and/or redesigning its overall company communications concept for the European market according to the most recent standards. The entire communications concept – from business cards to the image brochure – is to mirror the innovative strength and problem-solving skills of YAMAICHI ELECTRONICS.
One particular focus is the redesign of the company website, which will be adapted to the new corporate design developed by brainwaves and rebuilt according to current technical standards over the coming year.

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Climate protection goals, scarce fossil fuels and the energy revolution which has been agreed upon will require the fundamental reshaping of our energy supplies in coming years. In the context of the energy triad, we must sustainably save energy, continuously improve energy efficiency in various areas and make increasing use of renewable energy. A first important step towards this objective is the reduction of energy use in industry and in private homes. In private homes this can, for example, be achieved by knowingly reducing electricity consumption. To this end, the agency was contracted by the Bavarian energy agency ENERGIE INNOVATIV at the Bavarian Ministry of Economic Affairs, Infrastructure, Transport and Technology to develop and design a campaign on the topic of “saving electricity”.

In order to correspondingly increase citizen awareness of the topic of “saving electricity” and to demonstrate that the energy revolution depends on every individual, the agency conceived a cross-media campaign. By means of a surprising, emotive and humorous creative approach, the population was made more aware of the problem and motivated to actively participate using the motto “The energy revolution begins in your head”.

The conceptual focus of the campaign is a rock musician (Chris Limburg, guitarist for rock band Bonfire), who presents the core message “Stromsparen Rockt!” (Saving electricity rocks) in a surprising and entertaining manner. By means of the consciously exaggerated and overemphasised focus on “saving electricity” in the context of the purchase of an electric guitar, the rather dry topic is deconstructed and made emotionally accessible to citizens, thereby creating momentum for perception of the issue. In addition, the choice of protagonist breaks a further internal barrier within the target group: the fact that even an “extremely cool rock star” is concerned with the topic of “saving electricity” gives this commitment a new, fresh and positive image and motivates people to address their own energy consumption “without any condescending tone”.

The campaign was rolled-out across Bavaria via mass media using target-group-orientated media channels such as cinemas, TV, radio, print, large posters, single-advertiser poster space, ambient advertising, info screens, OOH channels, event tours, online, social media, PR and media relations, etc. and correspondingly multiplied by the media and opinion leaders. The topic is made visible to the wider public in a way that is both amusing and positive and which sustainably increases awareness.

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